Thursday, June 18, 2009

Real Moms... Real Jesus

I got this great book from the Mops Steering team called Real Moms...Real Jesus by Jill Savage (founder of Hearts at Home). They are going through this book as a study this summer. I'm going to miss being on the steering team! I've been reading through it (mainly as I sit at my weekly prenatal doctor's appointments!) and it has really challenged me and inspired me! One thought in the book really got me thinking and gave me a lot of hope as a young mom. In Chapter 3 it talks about minisitries. I know as moms it is hard to be in minisitries when our little ones take so much of our time. Jill Savage points out a new concept for me. "Jesus captures the opportunity right there in front of Him. Ministry for Jesus was the person standing in front of Him. And ministry for you and me is the person standing in front of us: our husband, our child, our friend, our neighbor (pg 51)." It challenged me to see each time I serve a drink to my kid's, bend down and listen to their stories, pack my husband a lunch or take a few minutes to talk with a neighbor, are all ministry in the eyes of God. That was so freeing for me! And convicting-I need to view just sitting and listening to someone as a ministry opportunity. Be encouraged! Your life is a ministry!

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